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The way forward in IoT – Partnerships! Dennis van Middelkoop – RSM Benelux Tele2 IoT

As describe in my previous article, if you are looking to start with your IoT-solution for your enterprise where do you start? Here Tele2 IoT can help you guide the way.

Tele2 IoT has taken a horizontal position and will only offer the suitable connectivity service for your IoT solution. But what about hardware, (cloud)platform and making relevant information out of the (Big)Data that is coming to you? No company can give you all the answers by themselves, therefore there is only one solution: Partnerships!


Partnerships in Tele2 IoT are crucial for our customers, as they can help creating the solution for them. Think of a faster Go-to-Market time because of the specific vertical knowledge by our partners or rely on experiences from previous projects in different segments. Next to that we believe that enterprise customers should start with IoT, start small, but start. Don’t leave it at PowerPoint-slides but create a solution with a limited number of devices, see what it brings you and fine tune it. How is the question that follow’s – well here is how!

Proof-of-Concept (PoC) ; Together with our partners we have created easy to start PoC-packages, which contains all the necessary components for your IoT-Solution. You will be able to start in days, get help from the experts and start generating data which is valuable for your organisation. Don’t wait, start today! Contact us and we will inform you about the different PoC-packages.

Let’s rock 2017!

Dennis van Middelkoop – RSM Benelux Tele2 IoT

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